community collab

digbeth - birmingham

To celebrate the introduction of the Big Fang Collective in Brum (more info on this later this week!), We spoke to our good friends high-vis & Coors and agreed a collab that has seen us transform an iconic location in Digbeth into a vibrant community and social space. Yep, to welcome us all back to the future, we’ve created a pop up bar that allows the people of Brum to come back together after a long lockdown and enjoy drinks, music and friends once again. More importantly, the Big Fang Pop Up also focusses on supporting Street Art culture, its writers and also those who want to learn the art form.

We’ve been working closely with Brum Graff legend Panda ( & high-vis festival) and agreed a collab that will see us sponsor local artists to do their thing!!!!

Unfortunately, when it comes to street art ,one persons art is another persons the project is about enhancing this jaw dropping artistic space by providing tools, a safe place to paint and also as a viewing platform for the public.

On a monthly basis, We’ll be supplying all of the paint, equipment and funding whilst Panda will liaise with artists and organise sessions for anyone who wants to paint. They’ll be no direction from us over what and where to paint, just have fun and showcase your work to the public without risk or cost.

This is as much about giving back to the culture as it is about creating a space for our local community, so now, people can actually sit comfortably in this truly iconic space and enjoy drinks whilst surrounded by a museum of art.

We’re also installing a screen so that as you admire a particular artists piece on the wall, you’ll be able to watch a time-lapsed replay of when it was actually being painted (optional for artists, not a requirement).

Mid-week Panda will also be running various work shops which will encourage and train aspiring artists to express themselves as well as allowing access to established and renowned Brum artists.

Over the coming days, we’ll be releasing more info on the venue and the team that are making all of this possible.

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